Section 1 – Dues

Dues shall be based on the number of members who are allowed to vote according to that club’s own rules and who are reflected on the current club roster in possession of ICSSD, shall consist of the following charges and will be reviewed annually thereafter:

  1. $35 for clubs with less than 50 members.
  2. $60 for clubs with 50 to 100 members.
  3. $85 for clubs with over 100 members.
  4. $20 for individuals not affiliated with any ICSSD recognized club.

Dues and other fees for the next calendar year shall be set at any regularly scheduled Illinois Council Executive Board meeting held in the last half of the present year.

All dues shall be due and payable at the January meeting of each calendar year. A member club is divested of membership for failure to pay dues sixty (60) days after such dues become payable.

Section 2 – Executive Board

No more than two (2) members of one club can serve on the Executive Board at any given time.

Section 3 – Standing Committees

 The following standing committees may be formed:

Constitution: Review on a consistent basis the Constitution as to aims, direction and content so that the Constitution is always a direct reflection of the ICSSD.

 Council Relations: To promote the council’s visibility establish means of communications of all ICSSD functions and coordinate people and material needed to accomplish these.

Our World-Underwater: Keep lines of communication open between this organization and the ICSSD.

Special Events: Coordinate the yearly programs, special events and yearly calendar for ICSSD. Coordinate both people and materials needed to accomplish this.

Finance: To prepare an annual budget for the ICSSD, and conduct an annual written audit of the accounts, books and records of the ICSSD. The Finance Committee will present the proposed annual budget of the ICSSD to the Board for approval (with any amendments the board may make) prior to the second monthly meeting following the election of new board members or by February if no elections are scheduled.

Diving Community Action Committee: Keep informed on all legal issues which pertain to or will impact the sport of SCUBA diving.

The Finance Committee is mandatory. All other committees are optional.

Section 4 – Finances

  1. Bank Accounts
    1. All bank accounts of the ICSSD shall require the signature of the Treasurer and another officer for any check or savings deposit withdrawal. New signature cards, and all other forms required by the bank, shall be signed by the appropriate officers each year by no later than the date of the first monthly meeting following the annual election of new officers.
    2. All gross monies received regardless of source shall be given to the Treasurer for deposit.
    3. Two officers of the ICSSD shall sign any receipt for cash.
    4. Any member club may request that the Treasurer produce all of the financial records of the ICSSD for review at a monthly meeting. The request shall be in writing, shall specify the documents to be produced, and shall be given to the Treasurer at least 30 days prior to the monthly meeting at which the records are to be produced.
    5. The Treasurer shall not make disbursements from accounts of the ICSSD unless the expenditure was included in the annual budget prepared by the Finance Committee and approved by the board, or otherwise approved as set forth in the By-Laws Section 4.B.2.
  2. Expenditures
    1. Expenditures are to be made by check except under rare circumstances. Where it is necessary to use other methods of payment, receipts are to be turned in to the Treasurer for payment.
    2. Expenditure Limits
    3. In the interest of expediency, a majority of the officers may approve a maximum of two non-budgeted expenditures of no more than $50.00 each month on behalf of the ICSSD.
    4. Each non-budgeted expenditure of the ICSSD which exceeds $50.00 but less than $500.00 shall be approved by the majority of the officers and membership at a regular or special meeting of the ICSSD prior to the expenditure.
    5. Each non-budgeted expenditure of the ICSSD which exceeds $500.00 must be published in the newsletter prior to any vote and shall be approved by the majority of the officers and membership at a regular or special meeting of the ICSSD.
    6. Non-budgeted expenditures shall be reported to the Treasurer and the Secretary and published both in the Treasurer’s report and as a separate item in the next scheduled newsletter.
  3. ICSSD property
    1. Any or all ICSSD property and monies in possession of an ICSSD member must be returned to the ICSSD upon demand of the Executive Board.
    2. No officer or At-Large Delegate shall accept any gratuity, premium or any type of remuneration for individual use. Any such gratuity, premium or any other type of remuneration received shall become the property of the ICSSD and delivered to the ICSSD forthwith.